Phoenix Vinyl FAQ's

How do I get my tracks to you?

You can do this in a number of ways, the easiest way is to send them via WeTransfer, add our email address (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) in the “to” box and your email in the “from” box, in the notes please include the ideal track sequence, although this may not always be possible due to time / volume constraints.   

What about copyright?

With a change in the law a few years ago if you have bought a selection of songs, then you can transfer them to any format you like be it CD, vinyl, MP3 or whatever - this is called 'fair use' and is legal, however streaming services such as “spotify” does not qualify for this and should not be used as the audio has not been purchased. audio can be purchased on request specifically for the client, the cost for this would be included in the final invoice.

If you want more than one copy of a song (that you don't own copyright to) then I have to pay the PRS (Performing Rights Society) so the artist gets paid. This is only £1 or so per track, so this is added to the price of the vinyl cut.

If the content is fully owned by you, and you require multiple copies for commercial release, then your order can be processed immediately by accepting the interim Declaration for Release when you complete your order. For information, PRS guidelines stipulate you should also make an application for a ‘License of No Claim’.

(see guidance to UK copyright law here).

What format would you prefer audio in? 

In simple terms, the highest quality possible, preferably 16bit/44.1Khz  WAV or AIFF or FLAC as a minimum. If you only have it in a compressed format (MP3, AAC etc.) then when you send it to us, we will email you back with the anticipated quality review before cutting.

Are there any other format’s you accept?

Yes, the studio is geared up to accept Vinyl Records, CD audio, USB sticks, DAT Tapes and Cassette tapes, in addition to this we will be adding Minidisc and Reel to Reel in due course, please email us before sending any physical media.

It is my own music, how should it be mastered? 

If the music is your own you probably have the original master and can re-master it. mixing for vinyl is different from digital releases, there are many articles and links as to what you should do, but for the basics please follow these rules:

Excessive variants in levels can cause issues so compress the tracks a bit to keep the levels a bit more consistent.

Don't pan too much especially the bass instruments, keep these in the middle - Kick Drum, bass guitar etc. the cutting stylus can't cope with large movements - if I think it's too much I'll ask you to re-master it, or I can make adjustments for you if required.

'harsh' instruments that start to produce square sound waves, such as  rasping saxophone's  can also cause some issues so please try and reduce these.

De-Ess the vocals, and reduce the level of high hats etc.  vinyl accentuates these frequencies - again we will listen to your track before cutting and advise any adjustments required.

Signal / frequency restraints should also be noted, there are limitations when cutting Vinyl that are not normally an issue when using digital media, bass frequencies below 20 Hz provide playback issues and should be avoided, there is a full interesting and detailed article available HERE

What are blank Vinyl discs made from?

Unlike traditional ‘dub-plates’ that are made with soft acetate, and will deteriorate significantly within a very short time, Phoenix Vinyl only uses harder professional grade polycarbonate, (1.5mm or 2mm). This ensures that, like pressed vinyl, the final product is far more durable and retains its original playback quality over time.

Can your records be used for scratching?

Yes, they are very durable and hardwearing.

What are the maximum recording times?

12" (per side)
33rpm: 20 Minutes
45rpm: 11 Minutes

10" (per side)
33rpm: 15 Minutes
45rpm: 8 Minutes

7" (per side)
45rpm: 4 Minutes

How good do these hand cut records actually sound?

Hand / Lathe cuts will always have some degree of surface noise/pops/crackles, this tends to disappear once the music starts, especially for full, loud recordings,  lathe cuts however are not audiophile records, they are not intended to be comparable to standard pressed records.

They will sound slightly different than the audio master, as plastic reacts and cut’s to certain frequencies differently. They are made from materials that were never originally intended to be records. Sound quality often varies slightly from one record to the next, and some audio tracks translate better than others. There are many factors that determine the sound of the record; the material, the number of records that have been cut by the stylus, the climate, etc… But we test cut most orders and throw away any that are not up to a high standard. These are all totally listenable, but intended to be used more as unique playable hand cut records. These lathes cuts are a unique way for you to own your music on vinyl and every effort will be made to keep the audio quality as high as possible.

The plastic that is used is harder than a lacquer that is used to master a pressed record, and the cutting head has to work much harder, resulting in less volume (about 75% that of a modern record). So, you may have to turn up your amplifier volume slightly higher than where it usually sits.

There can be problems you may experience when using a subwoofer while playing lathe cut records, one problem is you may be summing the left & right signals to create the bass, this is then adjusted on a crossover point, however it may cause phasing issues,  another is rumble as the resonant frequency from the lathe cut vinyl transmits through your system, add to this the increase in volume levels you make as the sound is recorded at a lower volume and you may get unwanted noises,

If you get unwanted noises from the subwoofer, we suggest it may be better to switch it off for playback of your vinyl, subwoofer noises are not necessarily a fault on the lathe cut record.

Lathe cut records might also require tonearm and anti-skate adjustment in order to track correctly due to the hard plastic having slightly shallower grooves than a traditional record.

Is there anything I should know about the picture disc's, label's & custom cover's creation process?

Yes, our picture discs, custom covers or custom labels are created from the images or files supplied by you, if the resolution of the supplied images is too low for the size of print it will affect the clarity of the image on the print, this may show as pixelated if stretched too far, we will try our best to advise before printing if this is the case, so you are aware,

The other factor is the image colours, the image you see on a PC, phone of tablet may not print exactly as it looks on your screen, your display settings play a part in the image you see, on print red's & whites can appear a whole range of colours, dark colours usually appear darker on print, dark patterns on dark colours can sometimes totally disappear!, we need our customers therefore to understand, we cannot be held responsible for perceived colour accuracy on prints where the image has been supplied by you, we do not adjust any colours or brightness of the supplied images prior to printing, they are "as is" when printed, if you are unsure please print the images at home first to check before sending, image quality issues & colour match unfortunately do not fall within our normal satisfaction guarantee as this is an area that is outside of our control.

How long will it take to process my order?

We strive to meet our delivery targets at all times, however, any timings given are estimates. This service can be very busy and at times of exceptional demand there may be further delays in the processing time. In the case of any unreasonable delay we’ll email you with updates on progress, Priority orders are available as a small cost, and in the case of Priority orders not being met, we’ll refund the Priority order charge.

What are your postage charges?

Standard Royal Mail first class post for single items, for batches or multiple orders clients can use a prefered carrier if required.

I’ve received my Vinyl but unfortunately I have a problem.

We always try hard to ensure every aspect of your order goes according to plan. However, in order to keep our costs to the customer as low as possible, we are unable to monitor and review 100% of every order. Due to the complex and delicate nature of vinyl cutting a flawed cut can occasionally occur. We are pleased to say, this rarely occurs in most of our orders, however, in the unlikely event that something does go wrong with a single product, Phoenix Vinyl offers the options to either rectify the issue, or alternatively we will provide a full refund.



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